Fertility, Pregnancy and beyound

Womb health

As a holistic fertility specialist and a birth doula, I offer counselling and mentoring sessions to clients in preparation for conception, birth and motherhood.

Fertility and menstrual health
mentoring sessions


Trying to conceive can be difficult for many women.

I offer you an opportunity to reconnect with the wisdom and power that lies in your own body.

In those sessions, we will look at the relationship with your menstrual cycle and your womb.

Our wombs hold so many untold stories, feelings 

of shame and fear, of joy and celebration. In uncovering those we start to uncover who we really are. We start repairing years of disconnect  from ourselves and our bodies and bring in healing, creativity and joy


Birth Preparation

I believe birth is one of the most powerful transformations that women can experience. I am very passionate about supporting my clients creating and living through this mysterious experience fully, in a way that feels empowering.

In my birth preparation sessions, I offer:

practical advice and information,


movement and creative practices in an exploration of hopes and fears