"Once you take away the fear that what you are doing is wrong, then there is only adventure.”  Meera Hashimoto

Children and young people

I  offer counselling to children age 9 + and young people incorporating a range of creative techniques such as art, sand and play. 

The use of creativity and play can give young people the freedom and confidence to express feelings, explore issues, and work through difficult experiences and anxieties. It wakes up their inner wisdom and resources that allow them to heal and find new and more empowered ways to be and grow. 


I have experience supporting young clients with issues such as:





 eating disorders,

gender identity


The nature of life seems to be challenging. Anxiety, depression, relationship, problems.  loss, general unhappiness, feeling stuck, needing change, feeling down.

At times it can just get too much and may feel lonely and too hard to bear alone.

Counselling sessions with me offer an opportunity to discover a way of being with yourself as a friend.

  Whatever you bring to the session, there is the invitation to discover ways of being in tune with your life and your uniqueness.  In this field of gentle acceptance, you can find your deeper resources and discover new ways of being in your life that are more fulfilling, empowering and authentic

Creative expression

Alongside talking, you may find yourself at a place outside the realm of words, I would like to invite you to express yourself through: art, play, sand, movement or sound. 

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My counselling practice is informed by twenty years of experience of working with the body using movement, meditation, breathwork, bioenergetics and advanced trauma bodywork. Creating a strong connection with our body can give us access to our inner wisdom and an opportunity to overcome trauma
I also offer sessions of abdominal sacral therapy: a powerful tool when recovering from traumatic experiences linked to the womb. ( abuse, pregnancy loss, fibroids, child loss, irregular periods, infertility, endometriosis and other conditions linked to pelvic congestion)



Counselling session

50 min- £60

At the moment all face to face counselling sessions are offered at The Tree of Life Centre in Hove

and in Lewes 

Please contact me for more information


Bodywork Abdominal sacral massage/  60 min -£70